Gun Laws Should Be Legal Essay

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From the first content of analysis, Table 2 explored all the criminal convictions such as violent crimes, murders, robberies and incarcerations between holders and non-holders of a concealed handgun license in 51 states. It shows different figures due to the relationship between crimes and shall, such as the mean, min, and max.
For the states who adopted concealed handguns, it apparently showed that gun-carry laws coincide with fewer violent crimes, robberies, murders as well as lower incarceration rate. To be more specific, these comparative data show that 17 states with permitted guns laws have a mean number with 410.941, 6.259, 107.4, 216.471 in violence, murder, robbery, and incarceration aspect respectively. However, the rest states (shall=0)which do not have carry gun laws taken the number at 715.694, 9.962. 222.679, 322.5294 in each aspect.
Although the evidence is a little bit inaccurate by the process of collecting data in such different states, it still showed that people with permitted handguns in 17 states account for a smaller minimum and maximum figure in every variable. Both changes are consistent with initial assumption and substitution influence is followed.
But when to use the incarceration rate, we must acknowledge the possible problem that it is not a truly independent variable. Therefore, we also estimated models in which combine other variables. For instance, other data were collected such as the state population, real per capital personal income in…

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