Gun Laws Should Be Changed And More Strict Essay

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When the word Columbine is stated almost everyone knows what is being referred to without even having to ask. The amount of gun violence that has pledged our country over the past decade is almost astonishing. Events like the Columbine shooting being so horrific that those who were never directly affected still get chills when thinking about that day. Gun control is a pressing topic in the United States today and it is something that is heavily debated on. Gun laws need to be changed and more strict. This concern for gun control is due to so many horrific events that continue to happen like school shootings such as Columbine and Sandy Hook. This is why many legislators and citizens feel that gun laws need to be changed.

Historical Research Gun control means the restriction on firearms,who and what can be sold or bought, where they are sold, and how the seller reports the sale to the federal government. Due to background checks in today 's law there are certain people that cannot have a firearm like ex convicts, mental patients, etc. Some states also require you to have gun permit or a concealed weapon permit if you own a gun. The problem is there are many flaws in the system and it is very easy for those who should not be carrying a weapon to access one. The possession of guns legally or illegally have been the cause to shootings like Columbine, Sandy hook, San Bernarido, Fort Hood, etc (Gun Control, 2016).
The possession of firearms also correlates…

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