Essay on Gun Free And Gun Control

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A movie theater, an elementary school, a public park all have one thing in common; they are gun-free zones. These locations have all been the site of the most recent mass shootings. All but one public shooting, since the 1950s, with more than three deaths has occurred where guns were not allowed (Fund par.12). Apparently, these gun-free zones were not so gun free. In all of these cases a common denominator, gun-free zones, clearly presents the problem that gun-free zones are not near as safe as once thought. After multiple mass shootings happening in “gun-free” zones, these areas need to be reformed. Gun-free zones need to stop giving a sense of false security and leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless through a change of policy.
During President Clinton’s presidency, he passed the “Gun-Free Schools Act” (GFSZA), which prohibits any person from knowingly carrying a gun onto school premises and prohibits any person from attempting to discharge a firearm from the school premises (“Federal” par. 2). Clinton administration also enacted the Gun-Free Schools act which lays out the zero-tolerance punishment of students with guns on campus with a minimum of one year expulsion (“Federal” par. 7). Since the GFSZA was enacted the mass murders have become more severe and prevalent in gun-free areas despite the fact that mass murders are on decline and not as big a threat as the media makes them out to be (Fund par. 1-6). With more and more mass shootings happening in the prohibited…

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