Arguments Against Gun Control Laws

Gun Control Gun control is an attempt to cease violent crimes by strengthening laws on the ownership of firearms. Many people own guns for the security of their home, for use in hunting or target shooting, or for other reasons. Gun Control laws are aimed to reduce the criminal use of guns as much as possible and to intrude as little as possible with other gun use. Americans have had a long debate about federal regulation of firearms. Devotees of the ordinance also argue that without federal laws, declares with some firearms limitation will provide guns illegally to states with stiffer restrictions. Opponents of federal involvement advance Second Amendment arguments against any gun control. They also argue that national gun laws only cause extra burdens for law-abiding citizens when to seek to buy and sell …show more content…
People who opposed to gun control argue that taking guns from law-abiding citizens does not prevent the possession by criminals. Surveys have firmly shown that a majority of the American public believes the Second Amendment guarantees a virtually unfettered right to arms oneself in defense of life and property, as well as against the possibility of government. Gun control opponents believe that the Bill of Rights as a whole was meant to protect individuals. Citizens argue that gun control law violates their rights to own guns. In 1939, the Supreme Court of the United States prohibited most gun control laws. In 2008, however, the Supreme Court declared that the Constitution protects an individual 's right to own a gun for self-defense as well as for hunting. The ruling made bans to private ownership of handguns unconstitutional. One of the main results in the debate over gun control is whether placing greater restrictions on gun possession will make communities safer. Numerous opponents of extensive gun control think that

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