Essay on Gun Control

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Gun control will not alleviate violence

Individuals who fight for gun control focus on extinct items that are not the true issue.. Society needs to protect themselves due to recent cuts in public safety. If there is an emergency, the response time could mean life and death. The current gun control laws are vague and open up debate for interpretation. A segment of society is not supposed to bear arms because of their past transgressions but we should not base our argument on an irresponsible people who have unauthorized access to firearms. Since 1997, New York has had a 20% decrease in crime since implementing their crime tracking
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Everyone involved has the big picture in mind but in order to be successful there has to be a give and take with gun control measures and the current laws in effect.

Two representatives in Chicago are vying for a seat in the 46th District state. Both have strong views on gun control laws (Wilson, 2010). Deborah O’Keefe Conroy believes in the right to bear arms but she strongly believes law enforcement should be safer on the street. Deborah believes there should be stronger regulations like buying guns from licensed dealers. Illinois requires gun purchasers to receiver a Firearm Owner’s Identification card which check their names against several data bases for criminal history. Reboletti, her opponent believes the regulations are strong enough and they need to focus on the criminal end of gun control. Reboletti wants to send a message if you get caught possessing or selling a firearm and have no card, you go to jail. He strongly believes these are the people who are selling the guns that are killing the people. (Wilson, 2010). The N.R.A. has fully endorsed Reboletti because they believe he is a pro gun candidate. Reboletti is looking at the bigger picture in wanting to remove to illegal firearms from the people who obtain it illegally. He wants to start with the small potatoes and move up. The N.R.A. believes Politicians want to remove the firearms from everyone except law enforcement and want

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