Essay on Gun Control

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Gun Control For as long as I can remember, “The Right to Bear Arms” has always been one of the key essential rights to all American citizens. It went hand in hand with “Freedom of Speech”. Ask just about any high school freshman to name three specific rights provided to us by our United States forefathers in our U.S. Constitution and “The Right to bear Arms” will surely reach most lists. It was just one of those things that stood out as a young student of U.S. government. As I’ve gotten older, the more and more I came to realize that something that seemed so much like a given when it comes to basic rights of the American citizen, has become more and more of a not so given. This is largely in part due to the recent increase …show more content…
So without further ado allow me to start off with the reasoning on why American citizens should have the right to bear arms. The thought of Americans not being able to possess firearms puts the common U.S. citizen at an unfair advantage to its own country’s military and police force. Many believe that if citizens were unable to possess a firearm that the police force and country’s military would take advantage of it. In other words if a civil crisis were to go down that the police force and military would use their ability to bear arms as a way to gain an upper hand on controlling citizens. Just like if you’re being robbed by a gunman in a dark alleyway, there’s little you can do if all you have in your pocket to defend yourself is a pair of keys. The thief will use his gun toting advantage over the victim into getting what he wants. Gun supporters believe that having the right to bear arms is crucial to national defense. If another country were to invade U.S. territory, citizens would be able to defend themselves against these invaders without the need of government officials having to pass out guns, ammo, and not to mention training. Citizens who already own guns are more likely to also be trained on how to handle a firearm. If guns were illegal to own then it’s safe to say that the majority of Americans would be in the dark on how to load and fire a gun. In

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