Gun Control Will Lower Crime Rates Essay

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Guns have been a part of our culture since the very birth of our nation. They have been used in a variety of ways for hunting, sport, war, and protection. It became the social norm to have at least one stored away in most households. However, over time the tool that was once used for self-defense and as a last resort has now been turned into a weapon of mass destruction. Some might argue for the removal of guns from homes altogether. I on the other hand, have no doubt that guns themselves are not to blame; after all, they have no ulterior motive. The trouble resides in the people who use them for wrong doing. 1: Gun control will lower crime rates. Guns have gained a very negative reputation in our current society due to the increase in crimes. However, one cannot expect the removal of guns to solve our problems in fact it might just make them worst. According to there were a total of 14,827 homicides committed in 2012 alone. Of those homicides 8,896 were gun related that leaves us with 5,931 murders that were committed without the use of a firearm (Philip). Clearly people who are determined to cause harm will use any means necessary. In another article, the author brings up the fact that gun-control advocates push for even stricter regulations like background checks with claims that it will greatly reduce the amount of murders.
As a few of the more honest advocates of gun control acknowledged at the time, it is just about possible to argue with a straight…

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