Essay on Gun Control Vs. Brady Campaign

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By owning a gun are you able to protect your family or really hurt them? A story about a young boy who having known his mother hid a gun under her bed, retrieved the gun. The boy did this to show it to his neighbor, and ended up shooting the neighbor in the neck. This shows you that kids do not understand the power a gun has and the harm it can do to people. Why would you want to risk that happening to your child or to have him do it to another? On the other hand, you also never know when someone might break into your home. That’s why you should always be prepared and able to protect your selves against intruders. So by having a gun at home are you protecting your family or harming them. There are two organizations that are either for or against laws that limit gun control, allowing citizens to have guns at home. The main organization that wants more laws against having guns in homes is The Brady Campaign ,they are trying to create a safer America for everyone. They are doing this by creating more awareness, getting donations and letting people know the types of deaths that other people go through each day. They are mainly made of concerned citizens that want and demand a change in the laws about gun control and keeping kids safe. The opposing side that is against laws that restrict gun control is the NRA. The NRA stands for National Rifle Association they are an organization that promotes using guns and owning them. They do not really fight for specific laws but…

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