Gun Control : Unconstitutional Or Constructive? Essay

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Gun Control: Unconstitutional or Constructive? In a nation of differing opinions, a few issues stick out. Gun control is one of them, a widely debated subject punctuated by acts of heinous violence. In an attempt to curb this violence, articles such as “Crime, Deterrence, and Right‐to‐Carry Concealed Handguns”, by John Lott, argue that less gun control would lead to less crime. The other side of the coin argues that more gun control would lead to less violence, and this is the argument that the article “GUN CONTROL AFTER HELLER AND MCDONALD: WHAT CANNOT BE DONE AND WHAT OUGHT TO BE DONE”, by Gary Kleck, takes. These two articles disagree on a few main points, such as if gun control would actually influence gun violence, if self defense is enough of a reason to not have gun control, and how gun ownership affects gun violence. The first point that these articles disagree on is how gun ownership affects gun violence. The article by John Lott argues that legal gun ownership affects gun violence, but in a positive way. He argues that if more people had more legal firearms then there would be less crime. Because more civilians would have legal concealed weapons, criminals would be far more deterred from committing crimes. The stakes would be raised, as now the risk of being killed or severely injured by a random citizen would be much higher. Also, legal gun ownership is not the problem at hand because the majority of gun violence is not committed by legal gun owning citizens.…

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