Essay Gun Control : Reform Not Removal

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Gun Control: Reform Not Removal
Although some American gun owners are against revision of the Second Amendment, modification to the restrictions associated with gun control are crucial because guns are too readily available to those who are ill-equipped, routine, precautionary security measures prior to purchasing guns are not being held to a certain level of standard, and the number of widespread violent acts being committed each year via firearms is rising prompting a wanted change amongst citizens. A government led, nation-wide confiscation of firearms, which has proven effective in other countries such as Australia, is a possibility which many American gun owners refuse to come to terms with. While that is one suggested solution to our nations current gun problem it is not the only one, and surely not the most realistic. Instead of taking away citizens fire arms, educating current gun owners and preventing future unwarranted gun transactions is what is truly needed. The time for gun reform is now.
The Second Amendment to the United States constitution guarantees the American people the right to bare arms. This exact amendment makes it nearly impossible to completely wipe out gun ownership throughout the United Sates. Instead of trying to nullify this amendment, a more practical approach would be to enact new legislation to change the way in which Americans obtain firearms. In an article written in the Washington Post by Evan DePhilippis and Devin Hughes it is said…

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