Essay Gun Control On School Campus

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Gun Control On School Campus Guns are one of the most controversial topics today, especially when it comes to being allowed on school campuses. On average there has been about one school shooting per week since 2012. Some people believe that if guns were allowed in schools there could be a decrease in the amount of school shootings per year/ per week. There are several states that have allowed guns on school campus. Some people worry that giving people access to guns on campus won’t decrease the violence but that it will increase it. Although there are people against it, guns should be allowed on school campus because they can be used for self-defense, safety, and because it is their right to carry. One of the biggest reasons people have for wanting guns on campus is for self-defense. One of the people who supports guns on campus for this reason is College Republican President Madison Yandell, and she told the Daily Texan, “It’s not going to be open carry where we’re like waving our guns around in class using it as a threat to our professors or other students in class… It’s a matter of self-defense” (Gass). Madison Yandell is not wrong, most people with their conceal and carry permit have to go through extensive testing and they will not have it out willy-nilly. Even the State Representative, Jonathan Stickland, a republican at the capitol, agrees. In his words, “An armed society is a safe society, so any time you have gun control, there is far more opportunity to become…

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