Essay on Gun Control Of The United States

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Imagine the world without mass shootings, homicides, or gang violence. This same world can exist with hunters that collect guns as well as families that own guns for self-defense in households. Most people do not see that there is a strong need for an increase in gun control in the United States. Americans take pride in the pioneering role and the United States’ culture being built on the Second Amendment. This amendment states that Americans have the right to bear arms. The population of firm believers in the Second Amendment has a huge misconception about the idea of increasing gun laws. These gun-collecting hunters are scared their possessions will be confiscated and their hobby will be no longer. There are families scared of becoming defenseless against a robber without a gun if the gun laws are increased. There are many ways to increase gun control across the United States to eliminate some of the unsafe cultures that have developed. There has been a lot amount of issues arise from the easy access to guns, such as gang violence and mass shootings, just to mention a few. People that support the Second Amendment will not be affected by these few minor changes that can make a huge impact to improve these negative events.
In the United States, there is a massive population of outdoorsmen that love to hunt and collect various types of guns as well as people owning guns for self-defense. In 2013, one-third of the population claimed to own at least one gun (Kalesan). Just last…

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