Gun Control Of The United States Essay

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Bijay Rai
ESOL 052
Gun Control The United States is on top among twenty-five high-income nations of firearm deaths( more than 30,000 each year) and with around 400,000 gun crimes committed every year. According to this statistic, strict and powerful laws are needed to keep guns out of the public. 270 millions guns are owned by Americans, and thousands of people die from gun each year, which shows that guns don’t keep us safe. Although many people own guns for self-protection, studies and statistic have shown that a gun in the people’s hand increase the risk of firearm-related death or injury, suicide, and an accidental shooting. Gun in the people’s hand increase the risk of firearm-related death or injury. The government does not able to see the future or the hearts of people. One’s current good record doesn’t guarantee good future. For instance, one have a good record, and he never committed any crimes. It doesn’t mean one will never commit any crime. My friend’s father was a computer scientist and his reputation was so good in the community until he killed 24 people. It might have happened because of his mental problem or his perspective that changed towards his community. It is proven that people’s behaviors and point of view change as per the situation, environment, and time they go through. My friend’s father didn’t kill 24 people if he didn’t have a gun in his hand. Instead, he might have killed himself or anger with other that he didn’t…

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