Gun Control Of Handguns And Firearms Today Essay

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Handguns have played a huge part in shaping America mainly in the 20th century, also before this time period. My opinion is that they have played a much more negative roll than a positive one. This topic is a very difficult subject to speak on because so many people have different thoughts on it. Handguns, I would say they are in a way an epidemic, as I will present later. Guns kill many people over the course of a year in America let alone in the entire world. Handguns grew rapidly due to many reasons resulting in how we use handguns and firearms today. Handguns were the first “machines” a human could hold that would launch a bullet at the pull of a trigger. They date back to the 13th century A.D. after China invented black powder and from there everyone needed it. Ever since then violence has increased, all over the world. This has started a world-wide conflict, on a political level and social level. Handguns became very popular for many various reasons including good and bad. Handguns became popular during this time because they could be easily concealed, drawn very quickly, easily maneuvered, and used in tight quarters.
Violence and Handguns
In the 20th century, gang violence did a complete 180 on how they acted toward one another. To settle a dispute between two rival gangs they would fist fight, or use pipes and “non-lethal” weapons. This event sometimes, not all the time would likely end up with just a few members injured. Of the many gangs there are…

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