Gun Control Laws

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In our country, there is a constant fear of safety, whether it is at home, work, school, or even at a church. Gun control has become an issue of controversy all throughout the years and is still a huge problem today. Many believe that under the second amendment every American citizen has the right to own a gun for protective purposes; although this is true, it is not an unlimited right to own a gun and carry it near sensitive places such as schools or government buildings. There have been multiple events where the misuse of fire arms has caused the loss of many innocent lives. Although firearms can be used as protection or self-defense there needs to be stricter gun control laws enacted in the process of purchasing and storing guns, due to …show more content…
In other countries the process of purchasing guns is not as simple as just passing a background check. Anyone under the age of twenty-five who wants to purchase a gun in Germany has to pass a psychiatric evaluation, in Finland an applicant must submit to a police interview and also show that they have a proper gun storage unit, and in Italy one must establish a genuine reason to possess a firearm (Gun Control: What we can Learn from other Advanced Countries). Why is it that in other countries there are more laws that have control over gun distribution? The United States needs to follow in the steps of these other countries if there is going to be a change. Many believe that stricter laws in the process of purchasing guns is not going to help decrease acts of violence such as the Sandy Hook 's Shooting; it will only lead criminals to find other ways to hurt innocent people. This is true because evil people will always find a way, but having less easy access to guns will help lessen these horrible acts of violence. If guns are not as easy to access then there will be less acts of terror, guns are quick to use and can kill many within seconds. Any other type of weapon such as knives will be slower at causing large harm to others. "While mass shootings as well as gun homicides and suicides are not unknown in these countries, the overall rates are substantially higher in the United States than in these competitor nations" (Gun Control: What we can Learn from other Advanced Countries). This shows how gun related incidents are also present in these other countries, but they are less than in the United States. This is proof that letting every American citizen have access to guns is the main issue. Less gun access equals less acts of

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