Gun Control Laws Should Be Legal Essay

1496 Words Nov 20th, 2015 6 Pages
Imagine a world where fugitives and convicted felons were allowed to purchase guns. Would you be comfortable with the idea of that? Pretty sure nobody would. Without stricter gun control laws the sales of guns would skyrocket through the roof and potentially raise gun related violence and accidents. The idea of that is unacceptable to some and others seem to be oblivious to that fact. According to the Gun Violence Archive statistics as seen on their website, 2015 alone has had over 45,000 gun related accidents and that number is sure to rise as the year continues on. Another disturbing fact from the Gun Violence Archive statistics is that over 2,000 of those injuries were aged group from 12-17 years of age. We can only conclude that these numbers will only increase annually if something is not done about it to stop and minimize it. Based on those statistical facts alone, gun control laws need to become more strictly enforced and carried out more efficiently if we want this country to be a safer place for us all to live in. Too many innocent people are dying because of lack of gun protocols and control. Kids who barely even had a chance to live their lives yet are dying by the numbers and millions of parents are left anguished .The Million Mom March could not exist without such anguish. The stories that pour forth from women who have lost loved ones to gun violence are deeply personal and unremittingly awful ( Dickinson). Countless stories have been heard worldwide about…

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