Essay on Gun Control Laws Should Be Legal

1522 Words Dec 1st, 2016 7 Pages
One of the top three things that liberals and conservatives tend to fight about 24/7 is gun control. Liberals tend to believe that with stricter gun control laws there will be a decrease in gun violence. While conservatives tend to think that with stricter gun control laws won 't just breach the second amendment but it will also cause more gun related violence. In the online article “OUR OPINION: Gun Owners ' Support Needed to Stop Mass Killings” by The Editorial Board written for, The Editorial Board states how conservatives are the ones that hold the key in order to make any changes with the gun control laws, they also go on about how Americans should stop throwing the same old arguments at each other and actually do something about the gun laws in order to prevent any more mass murders or gun violence related incidents. The Board debates on mental health not being the only problem with gun control but also gun control is not a constitutional issue.
The main argument in this article is how fair-minded conservatives should not be against having stricter gun control laws in order to stop many mass murders from happening in the future. The Editorial Board backs this up by stating that places having more guns tend to have more shootings, “This is true even in a low-crime state like Maine, which has more incidents of gun violence per 100,000 in population than what are often thought of as high-crime states such as New York and California or Washington DC” (The…

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