Gun Control Laws Should Be Legal Essay

1300 Words Dec 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Close to noon on November twenty-seventh after Thanksgiving, a gunman opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle in a waiting area in Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic as he chanted “kill the baby killers,” (Helling, 42). The fifty-seven-year-old Robert Lewis Dear murdered three people and left nine seriously wounded. Gun control rights are one of the most argumentative moral issues in today’s society. The argument over the right to bear arms according to the second amendment has been a challenging conflict for many years in America. It has been a contentious concern along with other issues such as abortion and capital punishment (Saenz, 476). There have been numerous senseless gun-related incidents such as the one in Colorado. Incidents such as these illustrate that there certainly is a desperate need for stricter gun controls. With restricted gun control laws, eligible citizens not only keep their right to bear arms without feeling blamed for the acts of gun-using criminals, but they also contribute in protecting other individuals from the unnecessary military style assault rifles and shotguns that are frequently used in a various mass shooting (James, 16). Indeed, policymaking in the region of gun regulation must consider the remarkable status of weapons in American societies.

As a human being, it is our obligation to build a suitable and safe environment for everybody. However, during another mass shooting in San Bernardino where fourteen people were killed…

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