Gun Control Laws Should Be Legal Essay example

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On the other hand, others want more gun control laws enforced because most of them believe there has become a lot of violence involving guns. For example, in 2015, there were ten of the most deadliest mass shootings recorded ranging from five to sixteen people killed. In June of 2016, forty-nine people were killed in the Orlando massacre. John Donohue stated from his recent study, “more guns would equal more crime,” where he found the right-to-carry laws have increased eight percent and firearms have increased thirty-three percent in aggravated assaults.
As of 2016, the United States also has the highest homicide-by-firearm rate amongst the world’s most developed nations. People who want more gun control laws believe they are needed to protect people from domestic abusers, stalkers, homicides, and suicides. They believe this because gun control laws are supposed to be used to defend oneself and protect one 's safety. And they also think that more laws on gun control would decrease the number of suicides and gun deaths.
If fact, every year there are over 100,000 people shot in the United States, 30,000 deaths and about 600 of those deaths are under the age of fifteen and about 3,500 deaths are between ages fifteen and nineteen. Unfortunately, several times in a year, children get ahold of guns that are not properly stored. Some of those children bring it to school or accidentally pull the trigger and someone ends up dead. “Incidents like these happen so often that they’re…

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