Essay about Gun Control Laws Should Be Legal

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It is our right to bear arms, but that doesn’t mean everyone should have a gun if they want to. The National Rifle Association explains the reasons why someone could go out of their way to buy a gun. A gun should be used to protect oneself or another. There are many states in the United States that do not have a gun control law which give people that shouldn’t own a gun have the advantage of getting a gun without a background check. People that live in the city should not need to be walking around with a gun, but for people that live in an urban area it’s different, because they are not overcrowded and they are more likely to find a dangerous animal on their property. People that live in urban area with mental issues, gang members and have been convicted of a crime shouldn’t own a gun.
I believe in the gun control law which is used to decide the owning of a gun. There are many people in this country who own a gun that shouldn’t have it; they find a way to beat the system of getting a background check. The people I believe that shouldn’t have the right to own a rifle are gang members, people with mental issues, and anyone that had been convicted of a crime. In many cases gang members have made communities really unsafe for the people that live there, due to guns they have access to. People with mental issues that have access to guns could be very dangerous to society and themselves, they are more likely to cause a massive shooting. A convicted felon shouldn’t have access…

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