Essay about Gun Control Laws Should Be Controlled

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Some people believe that if they can control who owns any type of weapon that violence will go down. Many shootings have happened because un-mentally stable people have acquired guns. The government shouldn’t completely do away with any options for people not to own guns because many people like to do various types of activities like hunting and some people feel like they have a wall of protection when they own a gun. Yes, guns should be controlled to a certain extent but not fully taken away from every person. There are many regulations and laws that a guns salesperson and people who might have a gun have to follow because the law requires all people to follow. The Brady Bill is one of the many gun control laws thats that are in effect. James B. Jacob said, “ The Brady Bill requires all gun sellers to run background checks on people who come into their stores looking to buy one of their guns (Young).” This means that all gun sellers are required to run background checks on all potential gun buyers. A background check a complete history of a person’s past and it tells the seller if a potential buy has a criminal record and it can tell the seller anything about that person’s educational, medical, and military records. Before this law was passed gun buyers had to just tell the sellers that they didn 't have any kind of criminal history, had not been addicted to any kind of drugs, and that they don 't have any mental problems (Young). Gun sellers simply had to trust everyone…

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