Gun Control Laws Should Be Applied From The Federal Government

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Gun control is a hot button issue that boils over whenever acts of gun violence occur. ‘’Citizens, lawmakers and gun lobbyists have been debating the issue of gun control for more than a century, and there has yet to be a definitive answer(Wogan)’’. Proponents of gun control don’t believe that state and federal gun control acts do enough, and gun rights advocates believe that the laws go too far(Karimu). Despite extensive and often heated debate, a consensus on how to best regulate firearms remains as elusive as ever. The Federal government needs to regulate the sale, possession and use of the firearms and ammunition. A stage 6 of Kohlberg moral development should be applied from the federal government to value all the people by protecting their lives from dangerous gunmen. Opponents of gun control laws argue that Americans have the right to bear arms. They argue that gun control laws would prevent individuals from defending themselves and their property lawfully. They also support the rights of a gun for the hunters, sport shooters and recreational gunmen(Karimu). One of the most common law that these groups cite is the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. This passage includes the right of the people to keep and bear arms( Miroff,376).” The fundamental argument that gun control opponents make is that the right to own and use weapons is an undeniable personal freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. We have a clear application of the stage 1 of Kohlberg moral…

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