Gun Control Laws Of The United States Essay examples

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When thinking about guns, the next word that automatically pops into my head, is crime. Crime and guns seem to go hand in hand and there is a strong association between the two. Changing the gun laws in the United States is a simple directive to combat the dangerous crimes in which guns are misused. Guns are powerful weapons. They can be used to defend and protect, but also be used to cause harm, destruction, and death, by those who abuse the right to use them. So why is it that gun control laws are so lenient, putting all individuals of our society at risk? The answer is simple, they should not be lenient. There should be, in terms of stricter gun control law reform, bans on assault weapons and stricter background checks on individuals who intend to purchase guns. The laws of gun control in the United States are important to be aware of and partake in, not only because they are a controversial issue, but, also because guns play an influential role in our lives and the direction in which gun control laws are headed will affect and shape our society’s future. The most compelling argument for stricter gun control laws comes from statistics. As a result of a study of gun availability and crime rates, it is shown that areas with a high gun availability rate also have a high gun-related crime rates, through the seizure of twenty-nine guns by police during a six-month forceful regulation in Kansas City. This resulted in the reduction of its gun-related crimes by forty-nine…

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