Gun Control Laws For A Safe Community Essay

1491 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 6 Pages
“if guns didn’t exist, we probably would not have suffered the December 7, 1993, massacre on the long island railroad, the April 1999 combine school shooting” (Can Gun Control Work?, James B. Jacobs),1. In the past decade, we have seen or heard about crazy gunmen hurting innocent people. Tougher gun control law is the only way to prevent these horrific events from happening again. Gun control law keep people safe, allows law enforcement to keep track of gun owners, makes it more difficult to acquire guns and most importantly slow the flow of illegal gun trafficking. Gun control law leads to a safe community people won’t have to worry about sending their kids outside to their local park to play. It will also deter gang violence because the gang member won’t have weapons to fight with. Looking at the graph available at (“To keep and bear arms” chart 1, The Economist), 2. We can see that the U.S has the highest amount of gun owners and homicide rate, we also have the highest amount of gun circulation occurring also (“To keep and bear arms” chart 3, The Economist), 2. With all the gun owners and circulation that are happen no wonder in the last decade there has been an increase in mass shooting (“To keep and bear arms” chart 4, The Economist), 2. The U.S has a gun problem and the only way of fixing this is by enforcing gun control law Hakeem Jeffries, Kirsten Gillibrand, Phillip Goldfeder, Joseph P Addabbo and Costa Constantinides strongly support tougher gun control.

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