Gun Control Laws Are Dangerous, Not Guns Essays

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A close acquaintance had a run in with a criminal in his own home. They live in a small town in New Mexico, in the rural part of town. He and his wife were relaxing after a hard day’s work and were ready to go to bed. As they were shutting their lights off and going to bed, they noticed a person walking around their home looking into their windows. In the dark, he followed the stranger from inside the home, window to window. As this stranger approaches their front door, he waits for him. As he stood in the doorway with the door closed, he hears the doorknob start to turn. The owner opened the door and met the criminal with a 9mm barrel at his nose. He stated to the intruder, “If you want to live, your best bet is to leave before you lose everything you have.” Restrictive gun control laws are dangerous, not guns.
There are many controversies surrounding this topic today. Legislatures are arguing the true meaning behind the Second Amendment and who has the control. The government believes that there should be complete gun control in America, regardless of who you are. In 2008, the Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment protects the individual right to possess arms for self-defense, this was the reaction to the changes in social and political movements (Dittmer). I believe that all law-abiding Americans should be able to bear arms without Government control.
The United States Bill of Rights provides us with the first Ten Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. The Second…

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