Gun Control : Is There Such A Thing? Essay

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Gun Control: Is There Such a Thing? Guns and gun control have always been a topic that separates our country into groups of opposing views on the matter. Many Americans feel as though stricter gun laws and regulations on the sale of guns will decrease the amount of gun violence. While others believe, such laws and regulations would be a violation to their second amendment right to bear arms. They also believe gun violence is more of a mental health issue than it is a “gun” issue. Stricter laws would spark an increase in illegal gun sales and some people show no signs of mental illness before carrying out gun violence, which leads to the question: Is there really such a thing as “gun control”?
A massacre took place in Dunblane, Scotland in 1996, which prompted a law in the U.K. that prohibited the ownership of handguns. It has been stated that if America adopts stricter gun laws similar to this, it would help eliminate gun violence. However, there is a reason the United States of America is known as “Land of the Free” and it is because we have a constitution that protects certain rights of the American people. One of these rights being the second amendment, or “right to bear arms” which would prevent any such law to be implemented or successful in the U.S. Although we aren’t able to mirror this law, we should definitely follow the example of the U.K. by creating or changing laws when massacres or mass shootings happen. It seems as if Americans are saddened and distraught…

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