Essay on Gun Control Is The Best Choice

1291 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
We see almost every day, news media’s spreading news about acts of terrorist groups, police and civilians misusing firearms, and announcements of innocent deaths. But how are these stories connected? Well, one of the many connections it has is gun violence. Gun violence, as many of us know, has been a controversial topic for many Americans in the past and even now in the present. So being it has been an issue for so long, it has raised questions about whether or not our country should have stricter gun control laws. Some believe there is a need for additional gun control considering the number of lives lost due to guns every year. While on the other hand, believe there is no need for it because it would limit their rights to bear arms. Although each arguing side of the issue seems to have a reasonable reason for their opinion, only one can be the best choice. In my opinion, stricter gun control is the best. Not only can everyone as individuals benefit from it, but as a nation we can too. We can see a difference in the cost of our government, civilians, and communities. It would only be reasonable to enforce current and new, stricter gun control laws because it wouldn’t harm but benefit everyone in many ways.
First off, and the most important thing people should do, is recognize gun violence is one of America’s most serious and preventable problems. Although it’s an issue that has decreased over the years since gun laws were reinforced, it is still an issue that people are…

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