Gun Control Is The Basic Problem, Not Guns Essay example

1626 Words Oct 18th, 2015 null Page
William S. LaPierre from “Crime is the Basic Problem, Not Guns” claims that, “America has a crime problem, not a gun problem.” Anti-gun activists believe that by taking guns away the crime rate will drop. They believe it is too dangerous for the public especially for our children. If a new gun law were to be put in place, one that would state that guns are illegal, crime would most likely not change. People would be left defenseless against criminals. Gun proponents feel it is their right to own a gun, as it is clearly stated in the Second Amendment. In other words, it is the public’s right to be able to defend their loved ones as well as themselves. Many Americans are troubled everyday deciding whether keeping a gun in the home is a good idea. Keeping a gun in the home comes with some risks. There are deadly accidents occurring daily due to people who neglectfully handle guns. Many of us take this risk because the thought of becoming a sadistic person’s prey instills fear upon us. When we turn on the news we can see all the horrific, violent crimes that are taking place in our neighborhoods across the country. We know the evils that could be lurking around, yet we do not seem to want to defend ourselves if it means taking the life of another person. It is clear that crime is not going away anytime soon. Keeping a gun in the home is important and sometimes needed in order to protect ourselves from violent criminals, sticking to our nation’s core values, and…

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