Gun Control Is Not Safe At All Essay

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According to issue 15 do more guns lead to less crime, one in every three households in the United States holds one or more guns? The growing fear of crime has a lot of citizens express increased unwillingness to give up their guns. Guns are seen as necessary to protect homes and families. On the other hand, most also feel that law-abiding citizens should have the right to own a gun, at least inside their own home; and to use it to protect themselves and their families. The argument is that weapons are needed for simple protection and citizens are not using their weapons for protection. But more for using their weapons in ways that could be a danger towards other people. This leads me to believe that an increase in guns would ultimately lead to an increase in crime.
I believe that gun control today is not safe at all. It is way too easy for people to get and own a gun. For example how young teens and adults are just buying guns at gun shows, or just buying them off the street without them getting a gun the right way from a gun shop. Firearm registration laws create complete records of firearm ownership. They include a full description of each firearm and identification. Registration laws also require a firearm to be re-registered whenever title to the firearm is transferred, and law enforcement to be warned whenever the weapon is lost or stolen. Registration laws help law enforcement quickly and reliably identify the owner of any firearm used in a crime.
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