Gun Control Is A Huge Ordeal Essay

1322 Words Nov 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Gun control is a huge ordeal in our society right now. There are alot of problems and ideas about it, and people are dying to the cause of others having guns. Is it because we are giving guns out too willingly and the wrong people are getting them? Or are guns just something that we cant trust giving out to civilians. Some people say gun control should happen, other say it shouldnt. In this report i will cover all the different kinds of weapons, and the pros and cons of gun control, and possibly even a solution to it.
First of all, let 's look over all the different kind of firearms. There are several different types of guns like pistols, shotguns, Machine guns, and rifles. What we want to look into is the vararity of types of shooting. First off you have semi-automatic that shoots one time every time you pull the trigger, often found used for hand guns. Next is bolt action, you have to pull a lever or bolt back and then load your round unless it has clip, these are found in rifles or longer ranged firearms. Shotguns shoot shells that either hold ammo called bird shot or slugshot. Shotguns areloaded with a swift pump action cock then loaded with either bird shot or slug shot. Bird shot shoots multiple small bullets for more of a burst affect , slug shot is one single round used for more of a heavier blow. Lastly is the most common is automatic which shoots as long as you hold down the trigger.
Now we need to figure out which guns out of these guns should and shouldnt be…

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