Essay on Gun Control Is A Fundamental Right

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Gun Control Boom! The deer dropped straight to the ground, and the boy smiling cheek to cheek ran to go retrieve it. It’s an important part of people 's lives, and they couldn’t do it if there family didn’t own guns. Even though hunting is what some people use them for, guns are used for many other things. Is owning them really necessary, though? This is a topic that has been debated on for a long time. Should or should there not be more gun control? Everyone has a different opinion on this matter. Each country in the world has their own laws and restrictions on gun control. People have the right and should be able to own guns, but with that right comes responsibility, and they must show that they are worthy to own them. People should be allowed to own guns for many reasons. Karen Ridder in her article “Gun Control Pros and Cons” states that “Self defense is a fundamental right.” In the U.S. Constitution and all 50 states the right to bear arms for self defense is protected. With this alone, people should be able to own guns, because it’s their right to. Karen also states that according to the National Rifle Association, “as the number of privately owned guns has risen through 2010, the nation 's murder rate has decreased fifty-two percent to a forty-seven year low”. The total violent crime rate has also decreased forty-eight percent to a thirty-seven year low. With this being the case, people should be allowed to own guns because the more people there are who own guns,…

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