Gun Control In The United States

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Gun control is something that allows the government to intervene and control gun policies. The poor use of gun control in the United States has been the cause of multiple deaths and horrific events, thus being a major reason for gun laws to be enforced. Events such as the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting are all due to the lack of gun control in the United States. Arguments on gun laws have been taking place for years and still not one side of the argument has won (Martinez). Gun control laws are necessary and should be enforced to prevent horrific events from happening in the United States. Gun control laws began in 1934 with the National Firearms Act of 1934. This was the first federal gun control law, this levied a restrictive two hundred dollar tax on the manufacture or sale of machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. All sales were to be recorded in a national registry (Cox). This act is made due to the introduction of the Tommy gun and Roosevelt 's “New Deal for Crime” (Cox). Four years later, …show more content…
Both sides of the argument have lists of information to defend their point. Those for gun control believe that the more guns there are the more homicides there will be (“10”). If guns are used as deadly weapons the more of them there are the more opportunity for someone to be killed or shot by on. It also helps prevent suicide. The less guns in the ownership the lower the chance of people committing suicide (“10”). Stopping both homicides and suicides will ultimately decrease the number of casualties in the entire United States. Another reason that gun control is necessary is because guns make crimes more dangerous when added to the equation (Messerli). Crimes like robbery, pickpocketing, grand theft and more are made more dangerous with the use of

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