Gun Control In The Usa Essay

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Is Gun Control to Easy to Get Around in the US What is Gun Control? Gun Control refers to laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms.
Gun Control helps the government regulate who has and who can have a firearm.
In the United States of America, there are 10.59 gun murders per 100,000 people.
This number of murders can be reduced if gun control is strengthened.

In the USA there is more mass murders by gun than any other country. The cause of this is that people in the USA don’t undergo proper background checks when purchasing a firearm. If people do not undergo a through background check it can to dangerous people getting hold of weapons and possibly hurting someone.
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With the mass production and constant demand of guns and lack of firearm violence in the USA at that time, Gun control was a very big issue. But now in the current period in time gun control is more tightly controlled, but not as powerful as it should be. Granted guns do prevent house robberies and save lives but that is all in the hands of the people that wield the weapon. All people haft to do now in this day and age is pass a background check, some not as in depth as others and some don’t even require that some shops sell guns but make them just sign a contract and they can leave with the weapon to do as they please. In the United States, prisoners who committed their offense while in the possession of a firearm, on average received sentences of 18 years or more. This is a good thing it keeps gun crimes under their belt off the streets. the United States of America rates 28th in the world for gun murders. Which is very high in comparison to every country in the world. If gun control in the USA was stronger than we could reduce this number. This number makes us have a bad view to other countries, and to tourists who may want to visit our county. visitors Spend on average $12.6 billion dollars a year, on vacation in the USA. If this is lost we lose this money our economy is down more

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