Gun Control Problem

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Colby Schow
Professor McGill
September 22, 2015
Rough Draft
Gun Problems in the United States
On January 16, 2012, a disgruntled former student of Appalachian School of Law in Gundy, Virginia, had killed three people. Including the school’s dean, alarmed by the gun fire two off duty law enforcement officers retrieved their weapons and pointed them at the shooter, who ended his killing spree and surrendered. These two law enforcement officers quite possibly saved the lives of countless potential victims. As this goes on everywhere in the United States, the government tries to regulate and restrict the use and possession of firearms. Why take away the guns that protect us from these types of situations? If the government were ever to take away
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That has been a heated debate ever since the shootings at Columbine and now recently Sandy Hook elementary in 2013. “Placing guns in teacher lounges, classrooms, and even in the administrations’ offices” (“Finer Points of the Pros and Cons of Gun Control”). Would it actually make the school safer from potential intruders? “Most parents do not like the idea of having guns in the classroom with students”, (Finer Points of the Pros and Cons of Gun Control”). Arming teachers with the firearms needed would mean the difference of taking one life versus the perpetrator killing countless others. “I once waited twenty minutes for the New York City Police to respond to an officer” (Leddy). How many people have been killed while waiting for the police to arrive or take action? At Sandy Hook Elementary there were 28 victims that were shot and killed. From 9:30 to 9:40, 27 victims lay dead before the police entered the building at 9:44 A.M. (Scinto). In those precious minutes, if a teacher was armed the perpetrator may have never killed the number amount of lives he did. 8 girls and 20 girls ranging ages from 6 to 7 years old were gunned down within 10 minutes of Lanza being inside the building. Yet, Obama pushes for stricter gun laws and the potential of taking semi-automatic weapons and handguns off the market. Taking certain weapons away from the public would only cause an up-roar that could potentially lead to much more illegal activity. Illegal activity such as the black market and the smuggling of fire arms into the country. Stricter gun laws would not stop the criminals from obtaining such weapons. After Aurora, John Hickenlooper, the democratic governor of Colorado, suggested that stricter gun laws would not have stopped the shooter. “If there were no this or no that, this guy is going to find something right?,” Hickenlooper said. “He

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