How To Be Stricter Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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I. Do you know how many children and adolescents are brought to the emergency room for gun related accidents each year? Over 7,000. Of that 7,000, 6% (about 420 children) actually die from their injuries. These numbers don’t even include the estimated 3,000 who die before they’re able to reach the ER. Modern gun control began in 1968 with the Gun Control Act. This allowed state, local, and federal law enforcement officials to have increased power in regulating gun control (this was in an attempt to fight crime). The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 followed the Gun Control Act, and it made it so that people who were interested in buying guns had to pass a background check. The following year, the Federal Assault Weapons ban …show more content…
“Stricter gun control laws will cause it to be harder for honest people to gain access to guns!” no, it wouldn’t. If you are a good person and a law-abiding citizen, you should have no problems passing a background check or taking a test to ensure that you can properly handle a gun. Also, many people seem to think that with stricter gun laws, people would still be able to secure guns and exploit them to harm people, and they’re not wrong, people will find ways to get their hands on guns no matter what, but as a whole, stricter gun laws would make it much, much harder for them to have access to guns. But if guns were a lot harder to access, do you really think dangerous people would want to put that much effort into stealing or buying one illegally? Probably not, right? After all, for the most part, extra effort = less desire to do something. Obviously, there’s no way to completely outlaw guns, and that’s not something that should happen because guns are important, but if we tighten our gun laws and enforce increasingly thorough background checks, and require it to be harder to obtain a permit, people who owned guns illegally would receive harsher punishments for it. If we put a greater risk on buying guns illegally, people will become more and more cautious about doing it, until they’ll (hopefully) be so afraid of the consequences that they stop

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