Essay on Gun Control Has Always Been A Big Deal

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In this picture below, it is talking about gun control. Gun control has always been a big deal. There are people who believe very strongly about keeping guns, and there are people who believe very strongly about banning them. Everyone has different views, but they are so important because it is such a serious topic.The picture is saying that it is not what the object is doing to cause what it is happening. The people are the reason why things happens. This picture would be for people who want to ban guns because they think guns kill people by themselves, or people who believe we should shut down fast food places because they are the reason for obesity.

In the first cube of this picture, it shows a gun. There is a halo around the gun, and there is also a light grey color around the gun,then it slowly turns to white towards the middle. This color scheme draws in the attention right to the middle. The wording in this first cube is a white background with black text in bold. It does not draw you in as much, but enough for you to still look at it.
In the second cube, the focus in this picture is the forks, spoons and knifes. The words in this says “then cutlery causes of obesity”. This is saying that people could think that cutlery is the reason for obesity in America. This also falls along the lines of how some people want to shut down fast food restaurants because it 's cheap and easy to get. But it’s not the fast food joint pulling you in, it is…

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