Essay about Gun Control : Gun Laws Should Be Less Strict

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un Control: Gun Laws Should be Less Strict The Second Amendment states that people are allowed to carry a handgun as long as it is concealed”(“Should Adults Have”). People say that crime will go down because a criminal is less likely to not attack someone who is armed because they know that they have a chance of getting hurt as well.(“Should Adults Have”). Although this is something good, people who disagree say that it will causes more gun injury accidents and more crime like robberies,suicides, or car theft. (“Should Adults Have”).With these laws people ask the question and argue about, should gun control laws get stricter meaning that people wouldn’t have as much access to guns or be able to carry a concealed handgun or should they be let loose a little more giving people easier access to them which would help them defend themselves when needed. People are allowed in all fifty states to carry a handgun as long as the handgun cannot be seen to the public, Illinois was the last state to allow people to carry a handgun as of 2013. (“Should Adults Have”). People say guns are only used to kill, they are use in 83% of murders and also are used in 43% of suicides (Storrs). The Second Amendment in the Constitution gives people the right to carry a handgun (“Should Adults Have”). The minimum age to buy a handgun is 18 and some states require people to be 21 (Storrs). Making gun control laws less strict will make the U.S. safer because if gun laws get stricter and people aren’t…

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