Gun Control: Known In Every State Of The United States

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Gun Control is a debate that is known in every state of the United States of America. Many of the debates are in congress or the senate. These debates are about is existing laws are sufficient enough or if we need more. When it comes to votes, 52 percent are against gun control. While 46 percent are for gun control. Sure, there are school shootings, but those are criminals. What about the citizens that own guns for hunting and in collections. They deserve to own guns without worry of losing them to a law because of a few school shootings. It doesn’t make sense why so many congressmen and senate men are so afraid of about less than 50 school shootings. Gun control is utterly useless if you ask me and really any other gun owning southerner could …show more content…
If gun control fails, people can fight back using their own guns. Not only that, but if criminals know civilians have guns, they would be in fear of being shot and would not attempt illegal acts. This not only will decrease crime, but also decrease how many people are killed by criminals. To be honest, I thinks that more police officers are needed, along with marines on rooftops. With criminals in fear of being shot with lethal and nonlethal weapons, they won’t commit crimes.With soldiers on the rooftops, they could spot a crime as they receive a message and they use their tranquilizer weapons. Neutralizing the receiving end of the tranquilizer weapon, then police arresting the offender. This will definitely be very effective because police no longer have to chase on foot, soldiers in the roofs will neutralizing the offender so police have an easy job. No longer will police run their little hearts out to chase someone who may or may not have better cardio then them, they only need the soldiers in the roofs. Doing this will also cause fear in criminal brains. Thus, decreasing crime by at least half or less, it is just a guess. A wild guess to decrease crime, yes. It could be correct, criminals would be afraid of being shot or arrested so they would not do the crime. I know most everyone else would, so why not criminals? They are …show more content…
It should be patrols of marines with tranquilizer, taser, lethal, and nonlethal grade weaponry, along with batons and handcuffs. Gun control is really useless in this matter. All that is needed is heavily armed soldiers and police. It may seem like Communism, but it really isn’t, it is simply government enforcers uphold the law. The fear of all the armed forces will decrease murders and crime, at the same time, some criminals may give up crime for good. Hopefully we will not have to supply the forces with anything but non-lethal pepper balls instead of lethal-grade weapons or ammunition. As I see it, we will have to soon, because criminals are committing more and more crimes everyday. If the government does not act quickly, we will be overrun with crime and murder. Soon, criminals will work for terrorists if gun control is allowed to exist any longer. What America needs are enforcers, not gun control. This leads us to where crimes are more frequent and lethal. The soldiers would then be able to have honor of protecting America, within America, by protecting the people from criminals. It seems like nothing much but it is as important as fighting terrorists. When soldiers are ordered to help with law enforcement, there will be instant changes. Police will have easier time catching law offenders and bring justice to the land quicker. Thus, having our country safer and more livable to

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