Gun Control Debate Research

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Why is the Topic of Gun Control So Widely Debated? December 15, 1791; The Bill of Rights was passed, which contained an amendment that protects the U.S. citizens’ rights to bear arms. In a nation that was built on the foundation of fighting, a law that allows citizens to own a weapon is important to maintaining the identity of America. The second amendment can be interpreted in many ways. Of course, this is an amendment that was created when guns fired a single shot and took multiple minutes to reload. With the innovation of weapons that fire multiple rounds per minute and can be reloaded in a matter of seconds, people are calling for a reinterpretation of the 2nd amendment. The number of mass killings have increased steadily through recent …show more content…
Alex, a student at delta college, believed that gun control is important to reducing violent crimes, and that gun control needs to be increased to do so. He believes that part of the reason that gun violence is so high is because of the ease of which they are able to be obtained. Marge Clark, from U.S Catholic magazine, wrote an article on different ways on how to prevent weapons from getting in the wrong hands. Within her article she provides several preventative actions that would help keep guns out of the possession of criminals. She notes on how easy it is to get a weapon now, saying “Unfortunately, large loopholes in current law result in only 60 percent of gun sales requiring checks. Those who have less than responsible reasons for obtaining a gun know how to escape a background check. Methods include obtaining them through gun shows, independent sales, and from traffickers.” After almost every mass shooting that occurs, it is either revealed that the shooter either took the gun from a person who was not aware of it, or that they obtained it in an illegal way. There is rarely a time where a mass shooter underwent a background check in order to receive their firearm. These sources, both Alex and the article, want to take a deeper look into how guns are being acquired and to put an end to it. Another student from SVSU, who wished to stay anonymous, also agreed on increased gun control, but thought that it would be tough to distinguish what would be too little or too much. He took into consideration the 2nd amendment, which protects the right for American citizens to bear arms. He found it important to preserve this right as much as possible when implementing gun control. Many people, such as hunters, rely on guns to produce for their families or to provide entertainment through sport. A total takeaway of weapons would disable these people from

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