Gun Control Can Be Dangerous Essay

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Gun Control can be Dangerous Gun control has been a very controversial issue in the United States for centuries. It gets worse after every mass shooting because it causes both political sides to debate on whether or not to implement stricter gun policies that will make it much more difficult for people to obtain a weapon. The founding fathers wrote the second amendment because they were afraid of a government that would become too big an oppressive. They believed that people should have the right to protect their families if there is ever an attack like an intruder attempting to harm your family. There are many countries that have tried to implement stricter gun control policies, policies that have persuaded United States officials to think about adopting them. My research on strict gun control policies appears to confirm my claim that gun control can make citizens a lot less safe from criminals and that gun crimes are not only carried out by someone with a mental illness. Whenever a burglary occurs and someone calls the police they usually get to the site when it is too late so it’s best for all citizens to be prepared for the unexpected. This has become a major problem for Chicago since they have had most of their guns confiscated and since then have seen a major increase in gun violence. Gun control advocates argue that it should be mandatory to get a gun license to own a weapon the same as you do for a car, but licensing cars has not stopped the number of…

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