Gun Control And The United States Essay

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Gun Control
The United Sates has one of the highest rates of gun related violence. The major factors of gun own violence: The availability of her powerful types of guns expressly designed for killing people; the lack of preventing all gun violence. America talks about death by gun violence. Gun control can come from all types things worlds 240,000 gun are giving to minors without parents even knowing that they had one. The gun owners can sell a gun without having a background and will not get in trouble for it. “Anybody will see you a gun…I mean no matter what, if you want a gun and you show them the money, and tell them you want to buy it, he’s going to definitely sell it to you”. The U.S. should have stricter gun control laws because of accidently deaths, careless gun owners, and the lack of background checks.
Americans own about 300 million guns today, up from just under 200 million 20 years ago. In addition, individual gun ownership is at or near all-time lows, says F.Gan.”Back in the 1970’s about one in two households kept a gun, and these days it’s more like one in there”. Gun control and gun rights regulations share a long history in the United States. These early gun control laws spawned legal challenges asserting constitutional rights to bear arms for individual self-defense. Most courts disagreed and upholds the laws, interpreting the right to bear arms as a community duty and not an individual right. However, “few courts embraced the new ideology of gun rights”,…

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