Gun Control And The United States Essay

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Gun Control

In recent historical times, gun control has been a largely debated topic in the United States. There are endless arguments on whether there should be gun control or not, floating around in mass media and almost all social medias. There should not be gun control because it would end up harming America and personal lives more than the other way around. People who support gun control generally do so because of the heightened amount of gun crimes, murders and tragedies in the recent past. They also think that since owning and purchasing guns is completely legal, it may fall into the wrong hands and cause a massacre that could’ve been avoided if there was more gun control. Those who oppose do so because they see the other end of the table. Banning guns would only ban the good from defending themselves, while the bad would continue to be bad and keep their guns; leaving the good defenseless. This country was also founded on freedom by the people, for the people, and taking away the right to own guns is massive step back in which this country was founded upon.

Gun control is one of the most ridiculous desired policies ever. Using complete logic, Americans should agree with the famous statement from the NRA’s website stating: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” This is one of the largest reasons a lot of Americans stand behind keeping guns and freedom. Disarming law abiding citizens would only leave them defenseless, when “bad citizens” or…

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