Gun Control And The United States Essay

1981 Words Nov 14th, 2016 8 Pages
As of right now, the United States has few rules and regulations when it comes to obtaining a firearm when in comparison to other countries. America also has the highest rate of crime and violence with firearms and still remains lose on the laws that control them. I believe we need stricter laws when dealing with who and how someone can own and obtain a firearm because of the mass amounts of gun related violence in America. However, what is gun control? What does gun control even entail? Will it ever become a reality in the United States? Gun control as a term in the U.S. is defined as “any action taken by the federal government or by state or local governments to regulate, through legislation, the sale, purchase, safety, and use of handguns and other types of firearms by individual citizens.” (Lee M. and Alexander Stingl). There are very many different stand points for gun control, they range from wanting to ban guns outright to having more background checks and regulations to who is in possession of firearms. With so many different viewpoints it is hard to believe there hasn’t been lots of change throughout the years. By laws switching back in forth, increasing or decreasing. America’s gun regulation is viewed as lax by some of its own citizens and by other countries. When seeing the outcome of where the laws are now it brings into question why not try something new. This debate is usually sprung back into the eyes of the public after large mass shootings have occurred…

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