Gun Control And The United States Essays

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This paper will talk about Gun control primarily in the United States of America. It will cover how gun control affects the safety of average day citizens. How ineffective Gun control can be in the United States. This paper will also compare other countries with the United States on how effective their gun control laws are. The history of gun control in the United States of America. Murder statistics of firearms and other weapons. It will also bring up cases that are similar to gun control and how they were enforced and how they worked out in the end. The last thing it will cover is if gun control impedes on the rights of an American citizen.
Gun control will not make it harder for criminals to obtain firearms. But with the heighted fear of terrorists attacks happening in the U.S and the shootings that are occurring in public places. More and more people are pushing for stricter gun control laws out of fear of these events happening again, and hoping that these laws will be able to contain and minimize these events. Many other controls have strict gun control laws and they have lower homicide rates with guns. But does stricter gun control laws get to the root of the problem, or do they just get in the way of average citizens trying to protect themselves?
History of Gun Control in the U.S. The debate over guns in America goes back to 1791, when the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, was adopted. Long one of the Constitution 's…

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