Gun Control And The State Of California 's Gun Laws Essay

1230 Words Dec 19th, 2015 5 Pages
In the modern era, firearm usage and sales have proposed a major threat. New tactics and policies have been instituted, but with little positive gain. These “Gun Control” policies have caused more harm than gain among the American people. These policies have had minimal success in obtaining there instituted goals.Gun control is irrelevant and cannot obtain its purpose due too the facts that gun control can never completely eliminate and eradicate firearm violence, gun control institutes irrelevant policies, and gun control shows results opposing its purpose of reducing firearm crime rates, contrary to popular belief.
Gun Control can never fully eliminate crime and violence involving firearms.Though new implementations in firearm control have occured throughout the United States, gun violence has still not been completely eradicated. This has been rather apparent through recent national tradegedies and terrorist attacks, the most recent occuring in San Bernadino, California. This act of homeland terrorism managed to wiggle through the state of California’s gun laws, that “were intended to ban assault weapons and are widely regarded as among the strictest in the country.” (Weapons in San Bernadino...). This event is a prime example of how gun control laws cannot completely eradicate attacks and crime with firearms. These gun laws bypass certain instances that easily void the purpose. The attackers in San Bernadino were able to legally obtain there firearms and bypass the…

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