Gun Control And The National Firearms Act Of 1934 Essay

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Gun control has been a debated topic ever since the Federal government passed the National Firearms Act of 1934, meaning to reduce gun violence. It is a common statement that regulations surrounding firearms are not strict enough and action is needed to prevent further problems, such as random shootings. The big question is whether or not passing more laws on gun control will actually address the problem, and while most agree that gun violence needs to be controlled, there has been no major action to address it yet. Therefore, gun regulations must be enforced with stricter controls, stronger gun laws and better background checks. Do firearms really keep us safe? According to the article “The Background Check System is Ineffective in Preventing Gun Violence” by Goddard Coline, a survivor of the shooting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and now an activist in reducing gun violence, owning a firearm results in a higher percentage incident in fatal problems or situation. Firearm regulations have been made to prevent accidents, but these are insufficient. Jeffrey Goldberg’s article “Gun Ownership with Stricter Controls Could Reduce Gun Violence” states that guns are responsible for roughly 30,000 deaths a year in America, and more than half of those are suicides. In 2010, 606 people were caught in the crossfire during a shooting, and 62 of those people were children younger than 15. Laws surrounding firearms in the U.S are clearly too lax. Some states have…

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