Essay Gun Control And The Media Of Today 's Society

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Guns and gun control have recently gained more interest in the media of today’s society. There has yet to be enough people in agreement to change the current law nationally. There are many people on both sides of the debate there are people who will not take a side, or just have not due to lack of importance, personally. From the political view, the arguments for and against gun control will remain as heated as ever. The talk of gun control brings into question a few major issues: do less guns for the public mean fewer homicides, are the citizens’ wants represented in our government correctly, and of course what the second amendment means. There are no easy ways to tackle this debate and win, because no one has yet to state their argument without loose ends. That is, they all have flaws or areas where the opposition will poke a hole and deflate the argument.

When there is talk of or about gun control, there is usually talk of death due to guns. The authors of on the pro side say, “if citizens have easy access to guns, the chance of them killing you is greater.” They also have opposing arguments as well. The authors say that, in opposition, a ban of handguns may be more effective. This statement comes from the results of data recorded in the UK after its handgun ban and the results prove the statement. The data recorded in the UK showed a decrease in homicides after their handgun ban. The talk about gun control is a hot topic in politics as well as…

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