Gun Control And Its Effects On The United States Essay

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A logical assertion can, and is, made that certain background checks are desirable in order to decrease the amount of deaths caused by guns. However, we need to understand the effectiveness of these checks, that many who want a gun will go to any means to acquire one. In a study conducted by Daniel W. Webster and Jon S. Vernick of John Hopkins University, over 80 percent of criminals evaluated were not lawful retail purchasers of firearms – as most acquired their weapons from sources such as family members and street sources (Source 1). Additionally, we need to understand that certain firearms illegal in certain states are brought in from other states in which they are legal. Both observations show that while increased background checks and illegalizing specific weapons do have an effect, they may only slow those who will do anything to have powerful armaments. A popular view held by gun-control advocates is that withholding guns from the public will eradicate the multitude of deaths involving people who would not be commonly called “criminals”. Instances such as when a man shot and killed a man in a theater for not turning his phone off, or when a middle school boy shot two fellow student with a shotgun stored in his instrument case (Source 13). These two were not previously identified as criminals, one being a retired police officer, and the other not displaying any previous signs of violence prior to the shooting. This argument supports a valid point: No guns means no…

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