Gun Control And Its Effects On America Essay

1188 Words May 3rd, 2015 null Page
Though some would believe that making guns completely illegal would solve everything, this is not the case. Mexico is a prime example as to why making guns illegal would just make things worse. In Mexico, one has to get permission from the government to buy a gun as well as pay up to thousands of dollars (Burnett 2012). Not only is it difficult to even get a gun but also, “The military further regulates the caliber of the weapon, how many guns a person can own, how much ammunition they can buy each month, and where in the country they can take the weapon” (Burnett 2012). Mexico has a notorious reputation for its gun violence. If America adopts to the same rules and regulations as Mexico, the citizens will be subjected to the same fearful and paranoid state as the citizens of Mexico. It is well known that guns are popular in Mexico, but the only legal gun store in the entire country is located in Mexico City (Burnett 2012). The American government’s job should be to minimize the use of unsafe gun buying. It is American citizens right to own a gun. This right should not be taken away, but made safer for everyone. Mexico is a prime example of why gun control should not be suffocating the rights of the citizens.
Though gun control is a necessary thing, many are against stricter gun control laws. Those opposed to stricter gun control laws would state that gun control would have no effect on reducing crime (Gottieb 1991). However, according to the Huffington Post, which states…

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