Gun Control And Crime Rate Essay

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Gun control and crime rate have a very complex relationship. In the Bill of Rights, the Second amendment states that every man has a right to bear arms. Does gun control protect the Second Amendment? Is it possible that gun control saves lives? In today’s political society, the correlation between gun control and crime rate is a highly controversial topic. The question is: does gun control reduce crime rate or not?
A Harvard study was done to determine if banning firearms would reduce murder and suicide rates. The study stated the number of “intentional deaths” throughout continental Europe and compared them with United States to determine if gun control lessens crime and death rate. It is perceived from this study that fewer guns do not decrease crime rate. Russia’s gun ownership rate is 4,000 per 100,000 people; the murder calculation was 20.52 per 100,000. It appears that Norway has the highest gun ownership in Western Europe, yet has the lowest murder rate. The focus of the study is on intentional deaths. When looking at US vs Continental Europe the results are no less revealing. Even though U.S. is often labeled a violent nation, according to the gun control studies, it is ranked 7th in murders. The author continues that there should have been a correlation between gun control decreasing crime rate. However, this study presents the numbers that show there is no correlation but in fact prove, “more gun control tend toward higher death rates” (Hawkins, 2013).
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